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Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

Doc Williams SPCA is a private, nonprofit animal organization. Our mission is to contribute to the well being of our community’s as means and need dictate. Cultivate in the people of our community an awareness of the animals whose world we share. Install respect for and appreciation of all living things. Act as an advocate for the animals in the legislative process. Doc Williams SPCA believes that animals, as living creatures, have value beyond economic measurement and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection.
Completing this profile will enable us to direct you towards an appropriate, rewarding volunteer experience. Please complete all information and acknowledge you have read and accept the proper waiver below.

General Information

In case of Emergencies

Please specify your areas of interest.
Employment Information
Volunteer Release Forms for Adults (18 years +)
Please read the Volunteer release form (Click here) Then sign and date below.

I hereby agree that if I am accepted as a volunteer for Doc Williams SPCA, I agree to comply with all of the rules and regulations which may be established for time to time by Doc Williams SPCA. I understand that failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in my immediate termination as a volunteer.

I understand and agree that all services preformed by me will be performed strictly on a voluntary basis and that I will receive no remuneration, pay or compensation of any kind, that I am not an employee of the SPCA and therefore do not derive any benefits normally available to employees and that Doc Williams SPCA shall incur no liability of any nature as a result of my volunteering for the SPCA.

I acknowledge that in handing animals and performing other volunteer tasks there exists a risk of injury including physical harm or death, and that all services performed by me will be done at my own risk. Therefore on behalf of myself, my heirs, and personal representatives, I hereby release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Doc Williams SPCA and its assigns, successors, agents, staff officer, board of directors, employees, contractors, and representatives from any and all claims, causes of action, or demands of any nature of cause whatsoever, including cost and attorney fees, arising out of or relating to my volunteering with Doc Williams SPCA, including, but not limited to animal bites, accidents, or injuries.

I understand that public relations are an important part of volunteering with Doc Williams SPCA. On Behalf of myself, my heirs and personal representatives, if accepted as a volunteer, I give the SPCA permission to use and publish photographs taken of me as a volunteer for use in its public relations efforts. I also agree that all Doc Williams SPCA information is to be considered confidential and proprietary to Doc Williams SPCA and I shall hold the same in confidence, shall not use the confidential information other than for the purposes of business with Doc Williams SPCA, and shall disclose it only to its officers, directors, or employees with a specific need to know. Recipient will not disclose, publish or otherwise reveal any of the confidential information received from Doc Williams SPCA to any other party whatsoever except with the specific prior written authorization of Executive Director.

I understand that revealing any of the confidential information received from Doc Williams SPCA without above prior written authorization may result in disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination.

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