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Here's what your gift will provide:


• Feeds one litter of homeless puppies or kittens, or buys food for orphans until they are able to eat.
• Vaccinates and de-worms one animal.


• Provides vaccines and heartworm care for three (3) puppies.
• Feeds one horse while we try to locate the owner.


• Feeds one litter of homeless puppies or kittens and provides vaccines and heartworm care for three (3) of them.


• Provides heartworm tests and treatment for a small or medium sized dog.
• Provides animals with mouth injuries, digestive issues or an older pet with the special diet they might need.


• Pays for three (3) spay surgeries for low income families.


• Pays for x-rays and repair of a fractured or otherwise injured homeless animal.


Please make your gift today to the Doc Williams SPCA and help us to continue to provide food, shelter and necessary medical care for the more than 11,000 homeless animals we care for each year. We want to prepare as many as possible for adoption so we can find them permanent loving homes.

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* Adopt-a-thon’s at your location

* Classroom education

* Tours of our facilities

* Health care visits

* Presentations at your facilities

* On Spay and Neuter Awareness

* Foster Parents, Volunteering

Many other programs available

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