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The very first Petsmart Adoption Weekend Event went off without a hitch! Doc Williams SPCA was able to get 32 of their homeless pets adopted into forever homes! Petsmart also exceeded their adoption goal! We definitely can't wait for the next Adoption Weekend Event! Thank you Petsmart Charities, and all of our supporters in the Community!


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He built us some donation boxes that will be placed
in area businesses and all the donations help take care
of each and every animal. Trevor, you did an awesome
job! Congrats on earning your Eagle badge.

Call 843-761-5266 if you need to earn yours


“Do a Good Turn Daily”

The animals at the Doc Williams were overjoyed last Sunday

by their visit from the Girl Scouts. The girls spent the afternoon making name tags for the dog cages, crafting feather and bell toys for the cats and getting to know the animals by walking and playing with them! The animals got a special treat and the girls left with a better understanding of the workings of  Doc Williams SPCA!





We would all like to thank Trident Technical College in they’re huge efforts in helping us with our great animals.

Thank you guys!!



College Park Elementary

We want to thank Ms. Harman for the great photos and to all the teachers that mold our children into responsible pet owners. The children were like a sponge’s soaking up everything.  Oh yes and Tippy found a new great home.

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