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Need a Good Home

5 wonderful cats need a great home!

Several weeks ago we received 5 beautiful cats that belonged to a service man in Afghanistan. He is over fighting for our freedom. He had made arrangements to have someone take care of all 5 cats and everything was going good and his cats were well cared for, until the people taking care of them fell victim to the economic crisis and lost their home.

Everyone has suffered so much from this, the man in Afghanistan called us and tried to find someone else to take his babies, but he couldn’t find anyone. He has almost another year over there, and finally had to come to the realization that he had no choice but to let us find his loved ones new homes.


Please come help these wonders find a new home. They are really attached to each other. If you have it in your heart to take one or all, it would ease the mind of a soldier so he can be focused on protecting all of us.



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