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Education (Surrender/Lost)


Ask yourself these questions:
Did I have my pet spayed or neutered? This helps stop the 3-5 million unwanted litters per year and assists my pet in not being susceptible to prostrate cancer, breast cancer or behavior issues.
Did I offer my pet professional training?
Could I find a place to live that accepts animals?
Did I exhaust all my means for caring for my pet?

If you are unable to keep you pet, we accept all domesticated animals approved by evaluation. Hours of intake are Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm - 5pm. We intake animals at our adoption location ONLY. (2673 South Live oak Drive Moncks Corner, SC. 29461). Please do not bring your animal to our spay and neuter clinic.

What to bring: To help your pet find his new home, please bring all medical records at the time of surrender. Toys, bedding, food etc. that they are familiar with are also welcome.

Owner surrender fees:   $75. We accept exact cash, credit or debt cards.


If you have lost your pet please come to our location and fill out a lost report. You are the only person that can identify your pet, because many animals look alike. We are now a closed admissions so we don't regularly accepted stray animals. It is very important for you to file the report as soon as you lose your pet. If you are unable to make it during our business hours you can fill out a lost report and email it to We encourage you to send pictures,to come in person, and check back every few days.

Click here for the Lost Report


Some other idea’s to help find your pet:
•    Check shelters as well, pets will travel. Berkeley Animal Care 843-719-4210, Dorchester County SPCA  843-871-3820, Charleston County Shelter 843-747-4849, Pet Helpers 843-795-1110.
•    Check Craig’s list and local newspapers ad’s
•    Check with your neighbors and post signs
•    Call area Vet offices and emergency Vet clinic’s
•    If your pet is microchipped, make sure your information is up to date with the microchip company.



What children can do to help  


Educational Brochure Series:

This collection of educational information is a valuable support system for new adopters, behavior line callers and students. These brochures cover topics from introducing a new pet into the home to the importance of spaying and neutering. All titles are free. JUST CLICK AND LEARN!

> Fleas and Ticks

> Pet Care Basic Needs

> Kitten Kindergarten

> Pet Health Care

> Litter Box Blues

> Basic Manners for Pups

> Crate Training

> Destructive Dogs

> Choosing an Older Pet

> Cruelty Prevention

> Rabies Control

> The Older Guys Cat

> Spay and Neuter

> Your Pet and Your Baby



Please click on the following links to learn about some pretty dangerous things that can help you save your animals life. Some of your everyday items can kill your loved ones.


Basic Pet poison Safty

Cat and Flea Products

Winter Hazards

Lawn and Garden Info

Non-toxic Plants

Poisonous Plans-Dogs & Cats



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