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Success Stories-Zodie

My husband and I adopted Zodie from the Doc Williams SPCA in November 2007. Zodie is a female long hair chihuahua, around 7 years of age now. We had been to the shelter numerous times looking for the right dog, waiting patiently.

That day, we were looking around, thinking the right one still wasn't there, and then we got to the last cage. In that cage, were two small long hair chihuahuas. The cage was roped off because they weren't for adoption yet. We decided to ask about them anyway. They told us that they were sisters and that Zodie could be adopted the next day but her sister could not because she was pregnant. They also told us that an elderly woman had given them up because she could no longer take care of them. So they let us take Zodie out and play with her, we immediatly knew she was the one. They told us to come back tomorrow and we could start the adoption process but it would be a few days before she could come home with us because she had to be fixed. We arrived early the next day, before the shelter opened so we could make sure no one else would adopt her.

After filling out all the paper worked, we took her outside and played with her some more. We came and picked her up as soon as they let us after she was fixed.

It is going on two years now that we have had Zodie. I can honestly say she is the best dog I have ever had. We were so lucky to have gone to the SPCA that day. She is the most loving, sweetest dog I have ever met. She is doing great, and we are now living in IL. I just want to say thanks to DWSPCA and I would definetly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an animal.

Brittney Ossa



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