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Our Happy Ending

On October 6, my husband and I attended an event in North Charleston called Pagan Unity Day. I suppose I had been there maybe an hour when I noticed the adorable black and white speckled dog who was being walked around. I've always adored dogs and so I went up and asked if I could scratch the pup's ears. It was then that I was told that his name was Wayne and that he was a Doc Williams dog, up for adoption. I've never seen a sweeter, more relaxed animal. I don't think I stood a chance really. Thankfully, after meeting him, my husband (who has never been fond of animals as he's only ever encountered the bad ones and never owned one of his own) agreed!! It took us all afternoon but my husband finally made it to the Adoption Center where we adopted our boy! His name has been changed to Rain (the name I misheard the young woman call him) and he has become a happy, highly amusing member of our family. He adores our three year old daughter and they often go on "adventures" through our backyard. He quickly became by husband's dog, though. He hates when my husband gets into uniform (my husband is a Submariner in the US Navy.) And he is always first to the door when he gets home.


Rain will also soon be getting a job. His calm demeanour and love of all children gave me the idea to have him certified as a reading dog. He is going through his classes starting in November and I am currently writing a set of children's books in which he will be the star. We will go into hospitals and schools and read to the children. Which brings me to another reason I'm writing. When the children's books are published, I would very much like to donate a portion of the proceeds to the shelter in which this incredible dog spent so much of his life. I feel it would be his way of saying thank you for the kindness and love that he was shown while in your care.

We truly could not be more grateful for him. He has become the family member we never knew we were missing. To this email, I've attached several pictures of him, with us and in his new home. He really seems like he couldn't be happier.

Signed, with many thanks,

Rowena Cason and Rain



 Sheldon has gone to his "fur"ever home!! A wonderful family from Charlotte, NC found him on Petfinder and fell in love! The busy bustling of life and then icy weather tried to stop them from adopting him, but to no avail! It may have taken 3 weeks from the first sighting and a 3 hour drive, but he is a full fledged member of the family now. Sheldon is a "senior" and he is also heartworm positive, but none of that mattered. We have been told he gets along great with the border collie, and his favorite spot is on the rug under the kitchen table. He also sleeps in the bed with his new 2 legged sister at night. Congratulations to Sheldon and his new family!!



"Alvin was at the Cypress Garden Shelter, and had been there for over 2 months.  As a small dog, Alvin is easily excited, so when people approached his kennel, he greeted them by barking and jumping at the door.  Unfortunately, many people thought he was trying to attack them, when in reality, he just wanted to get to them to give kisses!  His eagerness to meet a new human, backfired and he remained in the shelter for weeks....Now, to the happy part.... Alvin was adopted yesterday when a kind lady saw his smiling face and realized what a baby he is.  The lady was extremely lonely, as her pup had passed very unexpectedly, last week, of natural causes. She came to the shelter in search of a new friend and companion and she found Alvin!  Love at first sight!  Alvin in his FURREVER HOME with his great DOG MOM.

I think this photos shows the great love on both faces!!

 Jan Turner"


Hi Folks, We just want to give you an update of Ike. Our family adopted him in Feb.2012.  He has become such a wonderful addition to our family. He graduated from puppy education today and I thought you might like a picture of the proud Graduate. Thanks for all you do for guys like Ike.


The Shealy Family



Skinnard and Turtle


We adopted Skinnard, a grey cat from you guys about a year ago, and Turtle, a black lab mix a few weeks ago.  Just wanted to share our success with you guys! Skinnard is now named Gilmour.  Gilmour is a crazy cat, but we all love him much.  He made himself home the first day and never looked back.  He even cuddles with our old Golden Retriever at times.

Turtle is now named Jack, or frequently, Jack Splat, cause he tends to just splat where ever he is when he wants to relax or get attention.  He is so gentle my 5 and 6 yr olds can walk him.  He does some tricks for us, and is quickly learning how to play.  Though he didn't know fetch or tug or anything else play related.  We are very happy you guys talked us into getting him, though he was bigger then I wanted.  Though the vet says hes still got some growing left to do.

Here are some pictures of the all my babies...

Thanks again!

Val S






I adopted our cat, Detective Mittens when she was a kitten from Doc's in May 2011.  When I walked in the door of Doc's, Mittens leaped to the side of her cage, grabbed on with her claws, and let out a plaintive meow.  I knew it was love a first sight. Mittens is now a very smart cat, but may think she is a dog.  For example, she plays fetch, will sit on her hindquarters and shakes hands, and even rolls on her back to have her belly scratched.  She is very affectionate, but sometimes cries at the door if a member of the family leaves for a time.  Mittens is a wonderful and entertaining member of the family.  (I've attached a picture of her hanging out with my daughter, Erin.)


Hi Folks, Just a note to let you know that Ike the dog we adopted Feb. 27, is doing just fine. Right now Ike and my 2 dachshunds Sabian and Dodger are running up and down my hallway and through my living room and kitchen playing chase. These guys are having a great time. Ike is a very loving and sweet dog, and we are just delighted that he is part of our family. Thanks for all you do for guys like Ike. 

Lil Bit

I adopted Lil Bit from the Doc Williams SPCA in January 2011. I first met him while visiting a co-worker that had just moved to Charleston and I adopted him a week later. Lil Bit moved to Charlotte and has been one of the best things that has happened to me. He just celebrated his tenth birthday and enjoys sleeping on the back of the couch, chewing his hedgehogs and playing with his new best friend, a one-year old beagle owned by friends. He is full of life and I would recommend to anyone to consider a senior dog. Here is a picture of Lil Bit from this past summer playing at the dog park in uptown Charlotte.


Thanks again,

Kathy Michelle





We adopted Mork (he goes by Hagrid now) back in August 2011 from the GC SPCA! We absolutely LOVE him! I am so glad that we adopted a pet! It only took a couple of days for him to adjust to his new home and life with us. We look forward to many happy years with Hagrid! Here are a couple of pictures of our adopted friend enjoying a sailboat ride.


Thanks again,

Kathy Michelle




Dargo fits right in here and is a joy to have around.  We have a 6,4, and 2 year old.  Plus a 1 year old pit mix.  She's on the small side.

We have a harness for him and working hard on walking on the leash...not We’ve only had him a few days, but it feels like a lifetime.

I've enclosed some photos to show you how well he's acclimated to living in a home with three kids and two parents and a dog.  Thank you for everything!

Michelle - Thanks again,

Kathy Michelle




I adopted her a little over a year ago.  She was approximately 9 years old at the time.  She is a precious cat.  So much personality. 

What is funny is that my husband was not sure about getting another cat but since one of mine had run away he was agreeable to bringing her home.  That cat loves him the most.  She always crawls up on his chest to go to sleep.





My husband and I adopted Zodie from the Doc Williams SPCA in November 2007. Zodie is a female long hair chihuahua, around 7 years of age now. We had been to the shelter numerous times looking for the right dog, waiting patiently.

That day, we were looking around, thinking the right one still wasn't there, and then we got to the last cage. In that cage, were two small long hair chihuahuas.

The cage was roped off because they weren't for adoption yet. We decided to ask about them anyway. They told us that they were sisters and that Zodie could be adopted the next day but her sister could not because she was pregnant. They also told us that an elderly woman had given them up because she could no longer take care of them. So they let us take Zodie out and play with her, we immediatly knew she was the one. They told us to come back tomorrow and we could start the adoption process but it would be a few days before she could come home with us because she had to be fixed. We arrived early the next day, before the shelter opened so we could make sure no one else would adopt her.

After filling out all the paper worked, we took her outside and played with her some more. We came and picked her up as soon as they let us after she was fixed.

It is going on two years now that we have had Zodie. I can honestly say she is the best dog I have ever had. We were so lucky to have gone to the SPCA that day. She is the most loving, sweetest dog I have ever met. She is doing great, and we are now living in IL. I just want to say thanks to DWSPCA and I would definetly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an animal.

Brittney Ossa




This is "Sophia" whom we call "Sophie" My daughter and I adopted her in February 2009 from DWSPCA.  We went in looking for a kitten, however, none were available.  We looked around at the cats that were available, and Sophia caught our eye.

We left that day without her, because I had in my mind to get a kitten and Sophie was around 1-2 yrs. Well, needless to say we were back at the adoption center early the next morning to get our girl.

She took instantly to our Pom-a-poo. and is a blessing to have. Thank you so much Doc Williams!



Scott Kerr (Proud Owner of Harpo the adopted shi tzu from the Berkeley SPCA)

Shi Tzu

We adopted a shi tzu from your clinic in 2006.  He was 5 years old at the time.  He has been an absolute terrific dog.  His name is Harpo.  I thought I'd let you know that over this past weekend, he won "Best of Show" at the Isle Of Palms Dog show.

Thank you for all the great work you do, it does pay off.




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